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Our Story

About 1580

1580 is an experience from which people will take back natural flavours dating back centuries from India and taste the glorious food of the vastly diverse richly blessed Indian Subcontinent. At 1580, a ‘dinner out’ is transformed into an exclusive ‘dining experience’ inspired by our passion and cooking with only the best of the authentic Indian spices.

The cuisine is a contemporary interpretation of classic Indian cooking. Utterly authentic and yet also of the times we live in. Each one of the dishes embeds its own character and a unique aromatic flavour. Everywhere, there are aspects of the creative genius that is India.

Drawing on these magical and mouth-watering tastes, 1580 has worked magic to produce a restaurant designs that make our customer experience unique and exceptional. The interiors are of simple English heritage, the wooden finish touches, strategic soft lighting and an earthy feel to the restaurant is almost reminiscent of a forgotten era. India of yesteryears is thus married at once to a world distant from it where East meets West.

Our approach


We pride ourselves in using only the fresh and best quality ingredients in our restaurant food. We strongly believe that you can’t create a good wholesome plate of food by using frozen or processed foods…